Metal Building Repair Pontiac IL

Metal Building Repair Pontiac IL

We are Specialists in Metal Building Repair in Pontiac IL

Do you live or work in Pontiac? Are you looking for a long-lasting fix for your metal building of any kind? You should count on an experienced professional to handle the job. Look no further than Savage Building Systems, where we are proven specialists extensively trained in this arena. Whether due to old age or a bad storm, your metal building may have suffered damage. It needs to be fixed to preserve its structural integrity. For that, come to us. You know we can get the job done efficiently and safely, using only the highest quality products built to last. We apply the utmost care and knowledge to your project, large or small, simple or complex. From total overhauls of your existing metal buildings to simple patch jobs, Savage Building Systems has the solution for metal building repair in Pontiac IL.

Reasons Why You Need Metal Repair

There is a multitude of reasons why your metal building would fall into disrepair, including:

  1. Old age
  2. Storm damage
  3. Fire
  4. Vandalism
  5. Faulty plumbing
  6. Inadequate drainage
  7. Faulty ventilation, cooling or heating systems
  8. Insufficient insulation or soundproofing
  9. Inadequate fire protection suppression systems
  10. Building defects
  11. Land movement or earth settlement

If any of these has happened to your metal building, give us a call right away. No matter the reason is, we know metal, and we know how to repair all its components.

Repairs We Offer in Pontiac

We can help if you have a metal building that would otherwise be razed but could benefit from extensive repairs. Following are some of the services we offer:

  • Building Additions
  • Steel Trim Repairs
  • Door Repair and Conversions
  • Gutter Repairs
  • Steel Siding Replacements
  • Steel Roof Replacements
  • Rotted Post Repairs
  • Skylight Installations

Savage Building Systems, made up of expertly trained crews, will only use proven materials to make repairs to your metal building to elevate its functionality and structural integrity, as well as to improve its overall appearance.

Metal Building Repair Pontiac IL

Related Repairs We Offer in Pontiac

We also offer many other services in addition to metal building repair, including these seven:

  1. New building construction
  2. Building height extension
  3. Post repairs
  4. Column repair
  5. Pole barn post anchors
  6. Post and beam barn repair
  7. Steel building repair

Rest easy knowing all of our products have been designed and tested by builders to cut back on waste and make things run more efficiently.

When you are on the hunt for exceptional metal building repair in Pontiac IL, get peace of mind knowing you’re partnering with the best. We can provide you with extensive services and follow-ups after the first job has been completed. That’s just how we do things here at Savage.

Contact Savage Building Systems

To ask questions about our metal building repair in Pontiac IL, call us at 815-475-5490 or email us at Also, we are located at 1551 Industrial Drive, Minonk, IL 61760.