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The Column Repair Sleeve

The Patented Column Repair Sleeve represents a breakthrough in column repair. Designed to reinforce existing wood columns that have deteriorated due to ground contact.

Made from 10 gauge galvanized steel and corrugated for added strength, the repair sleeve offers a permanent solution to weakened columns.

The smart design includes built-in uplift anchors which utilize the buildings’ original uplift components, solidifying the building foundation even further.

The repair sleeve installs quickly with specialized equipment allowing for most jobs to be completed in a single day with little or no excavation required…


Whether you want to extend the height, and life, of your building to improve function or appearance, Savage Building Systems can help you achieve that! There are several reasons to consider expanding the height of your building instead of purchasing new construction. Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Reduced construction costs. Minimize permitting, zoning restrictions, and taxes associated with new construction.
  2. Avoid the cost & mess of demolition and disposal.
  3. Quick & efficient. Height expansion can be completed in just days, not weeks or months, that means less down time.
  4. Preserve your farming heritage. Height expansion offers new life to existing buildings and preserves the original building…

At Savage Building Systems, we understand the challenges that many building owners face. From sliding doors and walk doors that no longer function, to sagging headers, rotted posts and leaking roofs.

Whether you have building damage resulting from a storm, or from years of exposure to our midwest climate, we offer the methods, products, and expertise to solve the problem…


New Building Construction

Post frame buildings are versatile, efficient, and economical, but they are not all the same.

Here at Savage Building Systems, we are committed to providing only the highest quality buildings. That means we use only top quality materials designed to last four generations.

From our wood-free permanent foundation systems, and 26 gauge steel roofing and siding, a Savage Building is designed to be stronger and last longer…