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Post Repairs Rock Island IL is Searching For

Are you in need of post repairs for your Rock Island barn or other structure? Many pole barns and older buildings were crafted centuries ago for speed and efficiency but not necessarily for long-lasting allure. They were often built of wood, which tends to rot over the years, in the form of posts buried a few feet into the ground. Those posts need to be repaired at some point, and Savage Building Systems is just the contractors to do it. We specialize in rotted post repairs for many structures throughout Central IL. Moreover, we perform the post repairs Rock Island IL is searching for.

Is your pole barn, commercial building or other structure failing, cracking, rotting, tipping or sinking? It usually has a lot to do with rotting or broken posts. We can reinforce and repair those posts with state-of-the-art products that we stand behind with pride. Call us today for your free estimate.

Repair Services

We specialize in repairs to posts, of course, but also to beams, gutter systems, roofs and other structural components. Our goal is to maintain the integrity and safety of the building. We can also heighten your barn through extensions, which help to preserve the integrity of your structure.

The frame of a building in Rock Island IL

Savage Building Systems offers these types of repairs for your building:

Our contractors proudly use proven Savage Building Systems materials on all our post repairs. We also supply professional post frame builders with products and tools that result in better strength, durability, and precision. When demolition is out of the question, and you want to preserve the historical significance and function of your barn, you need fast and lasting post repairs by professionals you trust. When that happens, turn to Savage Building Systems, established in 2015.

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To learn more about our post repairs in Rock Island IL, call us at 815-475-5457 or email us at We are based in Minonk IL but serve all of Rock Island and surrounding areas.